Custom field formatting

Hi, Atlassian Team

I have recently received a number of requests from customers to implement Confluence Custom Fields in the cloud. I checked the guides and run the jira-issue-field-demo.

My question: are there any plans to extend the jiraIssueFields module with custom formatting so that the field’s values are rendered as HTML links?

Thank you

Hi, @1119,

We are not planning any further work on Connect issue fields. The reason is that we believe the future of custom fields extensibility in Jira is Forge. There is a Forge custom field module available that you can play with right now (keep in mind that it’s still in beta though) and it does allow you to render the value in any way you like using UI Kit.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Hi, @kkercz

Thank you for your reply! It really helped :slight_smile:

Best regards

@kkercz I need Forge custom field module for team managed projects, too. Are there any plans to extend it for the team managed module?