Custom field in the issue workflow transaction modal

Hi all,

I have implemented two types of custom fields in my Forge app using static resources (types are string and list of string).

I’m running into an issue rendering my fields in a model window with an issue workflow transaction form. All of my fields are select fields. Instead of my single select field, an input field is rendered. Instead of my multi select field, a label field is rendered. See an example below.

Could someone tell me how to configure the rendering of custom fields in this form (a modal window)? And is it possible to do it?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hey @Alex_Basatski,

I think you are running into this known issue: [FRGE-322] - Ecosystem Jira. :frowning:

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Thank you for your reply. I will track progress on this Issue.

Hi there

Its my understanding need to review your Forge app’s code and verify that you have correctly defined the field types as select fields, single select and multi-select, in your static resources. Make sure that your app’s code is correctly identifying the field types and rendering them accordingly in the modal window.

For other tools that could give you a hand in this, I wanted to mention that Exalate could be an option. Exalate is a powerful integration platform that enables data synchronization between different systems. It can help you handle data synchronization challenges, such as rendering custom fields correctly across different platforms, including modal windows and issue workflow transaction forms.

I have been using it for a while and I believe it would work for this.

Hi @MathieuLepoutreExala

Thanks for the advice, but that’s not the problem. Fields work correctly everywhere, except for this modal window. As already answered above, the problem is in the Jira itself. This modal does not use my code to properly render my fields.