Custom field - SearchSuggestions on objects

Hi is it possible to compute search suggestions for the propeties of a custom field object ?
I can’t seem to get it to work.

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Hi, @LucAllaire,

It’s not possible at the moment. Could you describe your use case?

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Hi @kkercz,

We have a forge custom field defined as an object. One of the object properties is an enum on with we put a searchAlias, we would like to provide searchSuggestions when searching that field to help users stay within the enum limits.

On a similar subject, I noticed using a searchType of Date on an object property doesn’t seem to be working, is this a future feeature ? I can open an other topic if needed !

Thank you for your help,

date should work as documented. If it doesn’t, could you please open a bug in the Forge Jira project? This will make it easier for us to track and prioritize it.

Feel free to open a dedicated ticket for search suggestions for obejct properties too! This way others will be able to vote, follow, and comment on it, and again, we will be able to prioritize it accordingly.

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Date works as expected in a date type field, but in an object field I couldn’t get it to work (with the same configuration).

search suggestions : [FRGE-1424] - Ecosystem Jira

object property date search : [FRGE-1423] - Ecosystem Jira