Custom Field to be Used as Estimation Statistics

I have created a jira:customFieldType based on the “number” data type. It works as expected, but it is not listed in the Estimation Statistics drop-down of a board, where I want to use it.
Are there any prerequisites for the field type, e.g. in the manifest, to make this work? Or are only plain “Number Field” custom fields supported at this place?

Some context, maybe there is a different solution for what I want to achieve: the users should choose from a list of values as estimate. I tried a “Select List (single choice)” custom field, but this did not appear as possible board estimation variable. I figured this could be because the custom field is based on a string and not a number. So I created a number custom field type with Forge and added the select-from-list logic to it.

A similar plug-in for Jira server, extending NumberCFType did the job, but we are migrating to Jira cloud now.