Custom Fields now required to be specified in keepFromSource when copying a card

When copying a card, you make a POST request to /cards with an idCardSource in the post body. There is also a keepFromSource field, which specifies which special fields should be copied over. Those fields currently are:

['attachments', 'checklists', 'due', 'labels', 'members', 'stickers']

Everything else on the card is copied, including Custom Fields.

Now that Custom Fields is a core feature for paid workspaces, we are adding the option to NOT copy Custom Fields data when copying a card. This means that after this change, in order to copy Custom Fields data when copying a card, you must include "customFields" in keepFromSource.

For example, a POST body copying a card and including Custom Fields:

  idBoard: "527f5a5219879e23c6cb2908"
  idCardSource: "610a9f350ed39a812ffe2dae"
  idList: "604f9ff30f6876e7605b0c50"
  keepFromSource: ["start", "due", "comments", "customFields"]
  name: "Card with Custom Fields"
  pos: "360447"

You can future proof your code by adding "customFields" to keepFromSource right now before the change is actually live. The planned release date for this change is Monday, September 13, 2021.


Hi there, what is the expected behaviour for when ‘keepFromSource’=‘all’?

I believe we are seeing that custom fields are not copied in this case. Is that a bug or do we have to specify both eg. ‘all,customFields