Custom Fields - Search/Filter via API?

I am trying to make an automation for our board, but custom fields are not searchable and the proposed hack {{%fieldname}}=value doesnt work (e.g. when going to{{%fieldname}}=value )

Can there be an easy way in the api to serach/filter cards with a custom field with a certain content.

The only other solution is to search for all cards on the board/list where you expect the card to be and go through each card to find the one you are looking for.

Idealy custom_fields would be a parameter for /search

The API calls needed now are:

1 /boards/{id}/customFields/

get the id for the name of the custom field (once)

2 /search

search for all cards on the list/board

3 /cards/{id}/customFieldItems

Loop through each result of step 2 and get the custom field value to compare to the one you are looking for


Obviously that is the case, i do have the same problem.

1 Find the Fields
2 Loop all cards
3 Get field values

Unnecessary API Ingress Data

You found any other way to solve it?