Custom macro dialog in confluence in editor context | Override MacroBrowser



I’m new to Confluence dev, and I’m trying to create a macro such that I need to show custom UI on editor context instead of Confluence’s MacroBrowser taking some params and operating on them.

I need to open a custom dialog, where I essentially want to render an Iframe and take user input in that Iframe.

I checked but it uses AUI dialog(which is being deprecated) in AJS.MacroBrowser.setMacroJsOverride handler function to create a dialog.

3 things:
-Can I use the same approach to open dialog, since dialog API is getting deprecated and dialog2 seems to not come with a contructor as such? If not, please suggest how can I open a custom dialog?
-How can I render an Iframe in dialog2/dialog API? any reference will be helpful
-Can I override the macrobrowser and show contents instead loaded from a velocity template, where it will be more easy to render an iframe?


@Joe Clark or @nic or @aragot, please help if you have context on this.