Custom plugin activation times out

I am trying to create a custom plugin to learn how to use the scheduling possibilities in jira. I created a small plugin which should create a scheduled job using SAL, which gets some data from another application via REST.

When I run this plugin via atlas-run, the plugin is deactivated when the instance of jira is ready to be used. And when I activate the plugin in jira, the activation times out with the following message:

[talledLocalContainer] 2018-10-08 15:57:06,077 http-nio-2990-exec-6 ERROR admin 957x273x1 998rha /rest/plugins/1.0/de.example.jira.plugins.stmd.wlStmdImport-key [c.a.p.osgi.factory.OsgiPluginInstalledHelper] Cannot determine required plugins, cannot resolve bundle 'de.example.jira.plugins.stmd.wlStmdImport'

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2018-10-08 14:56:05,235 http-nio-2990-exec-11 ERROR admin 891x203x1 998rha /rest/plugins/1.0/de.example.jira.plugins.stmd.wlStmdImport-key [c.a.plugin.manager.PluginEnabler] Unable to start the following plugins due to timeout while waiting for plugin to enable: de.example.jira.plugins.stmd.wlStmdImport

There are no further messages. I don’t know how do debug this error. How and where should I start to debug this?

Welcome to the wonderful world of osgi.

Couple of things to try out:

  1. Make sure you’re not doing @ComponentImport on things that your app is creating. It confuses osgi.
  2. Check for the error logs for more error messages. More than likely something blew up as soon as the app was started.
  3. Are you using some other library that might be doing osgi magic as well (again osgi confusion).

Thanks for your answer. I found my problem in my pom.xml. I had some import-package statements for the maven-jira-plugin included which caused the osgi confusion. I removed these and now everything works fine.

Now I only have these imports:

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