Custom Searcher for Forge custom field type

Dear Community,

Is it possible to create a custom searcher UI for a Forge custom field type, similar to what can be achieved in the SDK for Server/Data Center (see e.g. here: Build a searcher for a complex custom field)? If not yet, is such a feature on the roadmap?

Many thanks!

Hi @PeterVelosy,
Welcome to the community :smiley: If you mean custom basic search - it is not available right now but it is already on our roadmap.

Magdalena Rogulska

That would be something we are also interested in.
What currently is possible:
Store an object into the custom field and query them like “ = 123”

To be more concrete 2 of our Server Custom Fields use a SearchInputTransformer where the user input will be converted to the stored value.
Something like:

  • 1h 15m => 4500 (seconds)
  • DCHELP-1111 => 15123 (Issue Key to ID)