Custom UI and tunneling with React - is it supported/working?

Got a basic react app going - created using create-react-app.

I follow the instructions at to set up the tunneling.

None of the network traffic arrives at my CRA app. Last app I ended up having to edit the webpackDevServer.config.js to disable compression but that doesn’t to work this time for me.

So… Anyone know how this tunneling is supposed to work with a basic react app?


Did you run forge deploy after adding the tunnel config to manifest.yml? The tunneling guide doesn’t mention it but I think you have to deploy the app once after making changes to the manifest.

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Hey, here is the template we use at Elements to quickly prototype Forge apps:

It’s based on create-react-app and the tunneling is already configured. Maye you can find a diff with your current configuration ?

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Thanks everyone! I think I was missing the deploy piece after the tunnel piece (and now it works without me having to do anything with the compression).