Custom UI: End date with 'delay reason' together

Hi all. I would like to seek some advice regarding the best approach on solving something for an internal Jira Forge app.
We are a custom field for ‘End Date’ - but we also want to have a ‘Delay Reason’ attached to it, so in case someone is editing the end date they will have to say why.
What would be the best option of doing it? A button that will pop up a type of a modal window where both fields will reside? I have basic knowledge in forge so I appreciate if you can elaborate on what exactly is recommended.

Hi @MosheYakobovich ,

To start with, it seems you need behaviour that is quite bespoke so I’d recommend using Forge Custom UI. Perhaps you’ve already worked this out since you’ve posted this question in the Custom UI category. As you suggest, popping up a modal where you can present the date input (presumably the Atlaskit date picker) would probably be the most intuitive interface.