Custom UI for Create Issue to support all fields


In my react app, i want to allow user to create a defect in jira through react app.

Since jira has lots of fields which again changes dynamically based on user’s selection of options(story, task etc),
Do we have some approach where we can populate all default and custom fields present in particular jira account.

The only approach I can think of is hardcoding all the fields in the client code including.
Is there any better approach that could be followed ?

Hi @AjayKumar,

My understanding of this use case is that your app needs to know the current fields present in issues, which could dynamically change based on users/admins modifying this in Jira’s configuration.

Within your Custom UI app’s resolver, you could use the Jira REST API to fetch the fields present on an issue: and potentially also all available fields depending on your use case: