Custom UI iframe rendering at 16px in height


We are in the process of developing a forge app. At around 10am AEDT a few developers on different branches experienced this issue so we suspect that it might be due to a recent change in the styling of the iframe in forge.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Hey @samdawson,

Do you have a viewportSize defined on the module? If you don’t, it will now automatically resize. You need the latest version of the @forge/bridge in the Custom UI app for resizing to work.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your quick response.

I’ve tried adding viewportSize but still getting the same issue.

I can see in the docs for the Jira project page modules that viewportSize is not mentioned

Here is the current configuration for the module

    - key: celebrations-project-page
      resource: main
        function: resolver
      title: Jira Hero
      layout: basic
      viewportSize: large

I’ve upgraded to that latest forge bridge

Is your app content fixed or absolute position by any chance? Are you using view height at all?

Good pickup Daniel. Yep that is the case, all of the content is absolutely positioned.

It was working yesterday, was a recent change deployed that would have caused this?

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Ok, the use of absolute positioning will be the problem here.

We launched automatic resizing a few weeks ago. There is a chance that you changed something in the app / upgraded a package / or ran a deployment recently to trigger the problem.

Thanks for your help Daniel. We will change our approach and let you know if we run into any other problems.

Hi Daniel,

We have removed the absolute positioning. But now we are realising that we won’t be able to have some of the same functionality without the scrolling being within the iframe.

We have sticky headers that would scroll with the page. But now that the page is auto-sized and the scrollbars are not appearing within the iframe and instead within the body of the main page we are not able to use sticky headers.

Is there a work around for this? we would like to be able to set the iframe to 100vh height instead of the auto-size.


This sounds related and was posted as fixed around the same time that we experienced our app no longer behaving as it was.
Could it have effected the iframe sizing?

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