Custom UI & Macro module

Is there a way to create a Macro module with Custom UI?

Checking the “forge create” command is not an option to select.


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It is. Check out the tutorial at and the subsequent pages for a walk through.

Hi @ImanolObaldia,

Custom UI macros will be rolling out very soon. We’ll send out an announcement when they become available.

For now, the only option is to build with UI kit in editor macros.

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Hi @danielwinterw, are we talking very soon as in days, weeks, or months? I’m currently evaluating forge for use in several of our products and macro support with CustomUI is a big thing for us. If it’ll be a while I need to shift gears and come back to it later. I know you can’t be specific but a ballpark idea would be helpful. Thanks.

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Hey @jeffryan,

My team is working on the rollout for macros currently. We expect it to be live within a couple of weeks.


@danielwinterw, Do you have a Jira ticket we could track?

For Vendors, it is easier for track and follow up through Jira tickets as opposted to forum threads.