Custom UI support for issue view and issue create modals

Hello community!

We’ve made the @forge/jira-bridge package available for all Custom UI Jira extensions. This package enables extensions to open an issue create modal.

Also, the Jira admin page, Jira global page, Jira project page, and Jira project settings page extensions can use the package to open an issue view modal.

See the CreateIssueModal and ViewIssueModal documentation for more details.


Hooray! :slight_smile:

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Let’s go!!

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@vpetrychuk is there somewhere to track progress on support for custom fields in the CreateIssueModal? This will be big for us, as we’re heavily reliant on custom fields.

Hello @vpetrychuk.
I’m trying to use the ViewIssueModal just like the example but I get this error when call;. Can anyone help me?

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unable to open issue create modal.
    at ViewIssueModal.<anonymous> (issue-view.js:32:1)
    at Generator.throw (<anonymous>)
    at rejected (tslib.es6.js:74:1)

I inspected the error and got:

"Error: No handler found for post message: openIssueViewModal from http://localhost:8001 in
    at Function.e.try (
    at Fe (
    at Ne (
    at Function.e.try (

Error: No handler found for post message: openIssueViewModal from http://localhost:8001 in
    at hn.error (
    at Object.<anonymous> (
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at o (
    at jn (
    at Tn.u.on (
    at Tn (
    at Function.n.try (
    at r ("

Hi @BM_50,

Adding custom fields support is one of our top priorities for the upcoming sprints.
Once the feature is ready we will announce it on this portal and add an entry to the changelog in Forge docs. Please track those resources and here’s the issue to watch:


Hi @HelderAlves,

At the moment it is not possible to open the issue view modal from the issue view page without experiencing weird bugs. As soon as we fix that, all the modules on the issue view will be able to open it. Unfortunately, this is not our top priority at the moment. The list of supported modules could be found on ViewIssueModal page.

We’ll update the documentation clearly stating that extensions on issue view aren’t supported and update the error message so it is clear.


Hi @vpetrychuk ,
Thanks for your quick response!

I’m using it from a jira:globalPage, so it should work, right?

Yes it should @HelderAlves. There was a problem with opening issue view modal from a few modules but it is already fixed.

@vpetrychuk I had these dependencies:

"@forge/bridge": "^2.1.1",
"@forge/jira-bridge": "^0.2.2"

I upgraded @forge/bridge to the latest version (2.2.0) and it works now.

Thank you

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