Custom validator encoding issues leading to 401s due to an invalid QSH


Our application utilises the jiraWorkflowValidators module within Atlassian Connect and allows users to setup custom validators.

We have found that certain customers are having troubles viewing their validators due to an invalid QSH. When investigating this further we have found that when our view URL is hit via Jira certain characters within the query parameters such as β€˜+’ are not being encoded which we believe is the problem.

So far this appears to be affecting users on Linux and Mac OSX Catalina

This looks very similar to this bug here but the inverse [ACEJS-106] JWT query hash mismatch when the query contains a ~ or + - Ecosystem Jira

Is this a known issue?



Hi @BenDavies ,

Is it possible for you to provide more detailed steps explaining how to reproduce this. Glitch is a great tool for creating minimal examples - you could start by β€˜remixing’ one of my apps such as this one.