Custom Workflows and Kanban Boards

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a plugin that implements a custom workflow/post functions and is associated with a custom template. Everything works fine when transitioning manually via an issue page, but now I have to add that functionality to a Kanban board and am running into problems.

What I’m trying to accomplish: when I create a project based off my custom template, a kanban board that implements my custom workflow is automatically created with it.

Currently: when I create a Kanban board using my template, it has only 3 default swimlanes (To Do, In Progress, and Done), as shown in the image below. The custom statuses I made (Backlog, QA, etc…) are present in the statuses section under To Do/In Progress but I have to manually create lanes for them.

I haven’t been able to find documentation on Jira Kanban boards and plugin development. Is there a way to create and manipulate a Kanban board in my project hook using public ConfigureResponse configure(final ConfigureData configureData), similar to adding post functions to a workflow?

Thank you!