Customer getting postrobot_method error


One customer is having problems with our Jira Forge app (custom UI) while our app is working fine elsewhere. They sent the attached console log with the error:

“Can not send postrobot_method. target window is closed”

Anyone who as seen something like this or have any ideas on what is going on?


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Hi Fredrik,
Did you able to solve this issue? We are also facing the same problem, and unfortunately we don’t have any idea about it. It works in several other instances and at one site we have this issue.

We reproduced this error by opening a modal dialog.

  1. This modal dialog shows a flag.
  2. The flag has a button that calls a router to open a new page.
  3. You close the modal dialog.
  4. Click on the button. The router tries to call itself in the modal dialog but the target window is now closed.

Not sure what you guys had in terms of design but I’m guessing there is some call to Forge Bridge but the bridge target (either a window or maybe a panel) has been removed from the page, so the bridge call crashes.

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