Customer Portal, Attachment field appears before Form

This is the create form in my customer portal:

The part indicated by the curly brackets is the form I created. I once added the Attachment field to my form and mark it as mandatory, but has since removed it.

However, I keep seeing the attachment field (indicated by question mark) above my form. I think it wasn’t there before. What causes Customer Portal to display the attachment field?

Hi @KCWong,

The Attachment field will appear if it is added to the request type’s request form. Should you wish to remove it:

  1. Go to Project settings
  2. Select Request types
  3. Select the request type you want to edit. In your case CSR
  4. Expand the Attachment field
  5. Click the Remove button
  6. Save the changes by clicking the Save changes button

Should you choose to rearrange the fields in the request form, simply drag them to the preferred hierarchy.

The screenshots are from a company-managed project but the steps are pretty similar to a team-managed one.

Hope this helps.

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I don’t have attachment in the request form (or at least, not any more):

I wonder if it has to do with that warning, “Select Edit to remove the form field linked to the required Jira field ‘Summary‘ from any conditional sections.”.

My Customer Portal form has a disclaimer with a required checkbox, user has to check it in order to display the actual form (in a conditional section, checkbox has to be checked).

Many fields inside the conditional section are marked as mandatory, and Summary field is among them.

The Customer Portal form does function properly even with the warning… the create form on agent-side also functions properly.

But now somehow I have the Attachment field above the Customer Portal form.

I moved Summary field outside the conditional section, saved it. Then I forced the Request form to save (reorder, save, revert, save again). Now the Attachment field is gone.

So it is that warning, probably blocking the application of the removal of attachment field to Customer Portal (though the removal is saved in the Request form screen).

So whenever I want to change the Request form, I need to make sure there’s no error in the Customer Portal form first (moving Summary field back out, change Request form, move Summary field back in).