Customer support resources for Marketplace

I am about to publish an App on the Marketplace, but I wonder how to deal with customer support resources:

  • Documentation
  • Submit a customer support request
  • Privacy policy…

For customer support, I use Jira Service Management, which free version allows public access. Thanks Atlassian :wink:

For Documentation and Privacy Policy, I would like to use Confluence, but the free version does not allow public access. As a marketplace partner, I understood that you can use some of Atlassian tools for free, but before submitting your first App, you just can’t.

As a temporary solution, I could build a Wordpress site, but I don’t want to spend time on something that will be useless a few days after.
According to you, what could be the easiest way to deal with documentation (free solution)?

Kind regards.

So this is what I have decided to do: use a Bitbucket wiki on a public project dedicated to that. I have seen some developers do that. Not that nice but will be ok for the first days. And after I will set up a Confluence space.

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