Customers' installation number didn't increase as expected for [Sprint Reviewer] Forge App

I found the three numbers don’t align for a long time:
1.Current installations: 123 in Atlassian Developer → Monitoring → Installations;
2.Search results in the marketplace: 100;
3.Active installaitons in the App intro page in the marketplace: 95

I raised a support ticket to Atlassian on 24/Apr, but haven’t yet got the actual reason except the incident statuspage and this incident hasn’t been resolved for me.

Anyone has the same issue as me? And when could it be resolved then?

The ticket ref:

Hey, I think promoting the app through other channels is a good idea. I’ll definitely consider social media and other online communities where my target audience is active to increase visibility and attract more potential users. I have seen this while working at Triotech Systems that they always go for multiple strategies to promote. Thanks again!

@YY1 We are experiencing the same problem!

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Thanks, this post is not about promotion, but about an incident. And Atlassian guys are struggling to resolve it. But I don’t know when it will be fixed.

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Oh, alright.

Update from May 22, 2023:
This incident hasn’t been resolved and I found another inconsistency

Hi @ibuchanan

I have a ticket for 2 months and the feedback is so slow. Could you please take a look? Thanks

After fixing with multiple teams, the issue still exists, I think. Please see the screenshot:

BTW, it’s a long time for Youtube Atlassian Developer not updating the videos.