Customization of payment models

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out the whole infrastructure of a paid-via-Atlassian app. I have some questions below regarding the payment model.

  1. Payment is charged by users. Say if I would like to charge a project by the number of boards they have, I would not be able to customize it right?

  2. What happens if a user installs an app for say 5 users. But later a new user is added into the project. Would they be automatically charged to pay for 6 users?

  3. Are “pro” and “free” plans possible for paid-via-Atlassian options? I have some free tier features and a pro version of the app, would it be better to just list two versions of the app on the marketplace? I would find this to be a bit troublesome if we have more than two tiers.

To be fair, what I listed above sounds like it could be solved by Paid-via-Vendor, however I can’t seem to find the piece of documentation that would let me easily test out the flow of this. Or any apps that has implemented Paid-Via-Vendor.

Best regards,
Zach Khong