Customize my customer portal

Hello community!

I wanted to ask, I have now started working at Forge to create an app that will modify my customer portal. I wanted to ask if it’s possible, I think to adjust the overall appearance of the portal I’m sending a screenshot as I mean it, thank you very much.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @4DR0N7,

With a focus on appearance, you’ll want to take a look at the Forge UI modules for JSM. There, you’ll find many locations for extension. I’m not aware that there’s a good example app to highlight what all those mean, so you might need to play around to see how you would use those locations.

One important caveat is that Forge will not yet work for anonymous users (users who don’t have Atlassian accounts). Since your scenario seems to be external customer service, not internal service management, that might be a big blocker. That gap was acknowledged in the announcement blog and is on the Forge roadmap. It’s due soon so maybe that would be possible in time for your project?

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Hi @ibuchanan as Forge does not yet work for anonymous users, is there any place where a Connect app (instead of Forge) could display something for that kind of end-user into the Customer Portal and the Customer Portal Requests?


See Connect Modules for JSM Customer Portal.