Customized Editor Affected by Confluence 6.14.0

Hi there,

We have questions related to the changes in Confluence 6.14.0 as it’s affecting our app’s function and UI.

Based on Confluence 6.14.0 Release Notes, our app could be affected by the editor improvements in 6.14.0.

Context on our affected feature: It allows user to perform content formatting using an RTE editor.

  • How our app feature is affected beginning Confluence 6.14.0:
    • User won’t be able to use macro in the editor.
    • The <iframe> area of the customized editor becomes transparent and the stylings are not loaded. Image of before and after Confluence 6.14.0:

  • How our app feature was built:

    • The feature comes with a customized editor built based on Confluence source code. The particular file can be found here: “/templates/atlassian-editor.vm”
    • By comparing “/templates/atlassian-editor.vm” between version source code 6.14.0 against an older version, e.g. Confluence 6.6.1, it can be observed several UI improvements done in the file.
  • Notes from our investigation:

    • We inspected the <iframe> element of our custom editor and compared the HTML source code. In Confluence 6.14.0, this was observed:

  1. From our investigation, the behavior of <iframe> in the RTE editor appears to be different in 6.14.0 and the prior version, suggesting there has been changes. If so, what are the implementations that we can apply to ensure that our custom editor is compatible in Confluence 6.14.0 onwards?

  2. Issue with macro unable to be used in the RTE editor, is there any chance this is related to the unsupported nest bodied macros in editor as done in Confluence Cloud based on this?

Thank you!