Customizing Jira issue status dropdown

Hi everyone! is there a way to use Forge (or any Atlassian developer technology) to access, manipulate or display something on the the Jira issue status/transition dropdown?

Below is a screenshot of the dropdown I am referring to

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 21.03.42

Hello @YvesIvadHABIMANA

Can you explain what you mean by “display something”? What sort of ‘something’?

That drop-down contains the list of possible Statuses for an Issue, and that’s all that it’s allowed to contain, nothing else. If you change those Statuses, that drop-down list will reflect that change.

Hello @sunnyape, thanks for your answer, by displaying something I mean displaying my own ui components there. for example adding a tooltip on the top of the statuses.