D3 conflicts in batch.js in jira server dashboard item/gadget

We are using D3 and NVD3 library in our dashboard gadgets in jira server,

When dashboard loads, all add-on resources bundled into single batch.js. our add-on is using D3 and dependent NVD3 library. Due to Other add-on D3 prototype is overridden, so it generates below error and graph is not working.

batch.js?agile_globa…rue:formatted:29277 Uncaught TypeError: at.watchTransition is not a function

at SVGGElement.<anonymous> (batch.js?agile_globa…rue:formatted:29277)

at batch.js?agile_globa…ue:formatted:134532

at cF (batch.js?agile_globa…ue:formatted:134540)

at Array.dV.each (batch.js?agile_globa…ue:formatted:134531)

at Array.ad (batch.js?agile_globa…rue:formatted:29001)

Is there any way we can provide isolated scope/context for add-on web resources to work independently or Can we use gadget with out batched mode ?

Below is the gadget definition code.

<dashboard-item key="…" configurable=“true”>
<title key="…" />
key="…" />
class="…" />