Dark Mode leaking to the portal

Hello! I have a connect application that renders on the portal. I installed the application on an instance in dark mode. When opening the portal, the dark mode is leaking to the application, causing it to look in dark in the white mode portal. Any idea what could he happening here?

I am calling window.AP.theming.initializeTheming() to initialize the theme.
Thank you!


We are facing a similar problem. Previously, it worked OK. We presented a white background as the theming was set to light mode - the portal uses only light mode. At the moment, our iframe is initialised with the dark mode. The user I tested was the Jira user with the light mode set for that instance. I cannot see any reason why our iframe is initialised to the dark mode. I think Atlassian changed the behaviour of the portal for no reason.



Hello Marek!
Atlassian’s team just confirmed it was an issue on their end, and it has been fixed. It should be working fine for you as well now :slight_smile:
Thank you for replying!