Dashboard Item tutorial app never works


I’ve been a Jira Cloud/Server app developer for a few years now, and I’m trying to match the dashboard/gadget functionality present in my Cloud app in my Server/DC variant.

Unfortunately, for the life of me I can’t get the app to load properly when I try to follow this Dashboard Item tutorial. I’ve tried various combinations of:

  • augmenting my existing codebase to follow the tutorial
  • trying to run the standalone tutorial source code
  • downgrading my dev kit to the SDK specs provided in the tutorial
  • running the app via atlas-run, vs installing the app via a bundled .jar file
  • running the app on different machines
  • running any of the above permutations on different instances, whether they be fresh, existing, dev, prod etc

The error is always the same, when atlas-run compiles the instance and bundled app I can navigate to a new dashboard and see the ‘Dashboard Tutorial’ dashboard item available. However, clicking on the ‘Add Gadget’ button produces a 500 error with the following log (screenshot attached):

Caused by: com.google.template.soy.sharedpasses.render.RenderException: In 'print' tag, expression "$dashboardTitle" evaluates to undefined.

I’ve seen this error posted a couple of times in this forum before, but it never seems to have been resolved.

Can someone help me get this simple ‘hello world’ tutorial app working?