Dashboard items vs. gadgets

I’ve got customers asking me if our dashboard items can be embedded in Confluence. That was certainly possible with the JIRA Server version of our product, but I understand that dashboard items don’t expose themselves as gadgets that can be embedded in other products. Am I right?

Yes, please see also https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-846

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The relevant part of Dave’s reply is this:

“We are not planning to develop built in support for displaying remote JIRA dashboard items on Confluence pages. The best way to support this functionality is to have a separate Atlassian Connect add-on for Confluence that provides the same content as a dynamic content macro. If you are storing the relevant information server-side, both apps should be able to render these data.”

Bit it a problem for me: a lot of our data are stored in JIRA as entity properties. I have to think through what would be necessary from an authentication point of view in order to retrieve those data.

For eazyBI add-on for JIRA Cloud we have developed a separate eazyBI add-on for Confluence Cloud which allows publishing of eazyBI reports in Confluence Cloud pages.

When our Confluence add-on is installed then on our servers we find the matching JIRA installation using the host name (for Confluence site xxx.atlassian.net/wiki we find the matching JIRA site xxx.atlassian.net in our database). When we get a Confluence user request then we find the matching JIRA user with the same username (as user keys are different). And then we can request necessary information from JIRA using our JIRA add-on and the matching JIRA user.

So you can implement a similar workaround in your case. In future, probably Atlassian will implement cross-product add-ons (it was mentioned in some long term plans).

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Thank you, @raimonds.plavenieks; that’s very instructive.

@david.pinn BTW I not the Raimonds you mentioned but a different one – @raimonds.simanovskis :slight_smile:

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