Data Center performance testing

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I have a question for the people here that already did the data center approval process. We have a server app and are currently reviewing what needs to be done to get approved for data center.

There are still some unclear things when it comes to performance and scale tests. Our app does not use or augment any REST endpoints. The only places where we interact with the Confluence API is when storing state in Bandana- and AttachmentManager. Also we have a Macro, some Servlets and some Actions that the user can trigger. I understand that we have to test those actions for performance and reliablity on multiple cluster configurations.
What I don’t understand is the Latency Performance Results example here:
It suggests that we have to do testing with our app enabled vs. disabled. I can’t really figure out what to test here. Obviously it can’t be the functionality of our app, since this would not work when disabled. But since we do not change existing functionality in Confluence, I don’t know if we have to test any endpoints at all. Perhaps it is things like page loading times with or without the app, but that’s guessing pretty much.

Can anybody help with this? Thanks in advance.

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There are definitely other people with more experience on this community (or on the Marketplace Vendor Slack channel), but to share my DC approval proces learnings: after creating the DCHELP ticket I engaged with the DC approval team to determine which endpoints needed to be tested. This resulted in a list of mixed API endpoints / methods against which I tested my DC instance.

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