Data recovery from Forge Storage in production environment

For debugging purposes, we need production data for one of our customers from the Forge Storage. We can see the storage content for dev and staging environments but not for production environments using the developer console. Is there a way to access/export this information? We just need one time export of data, not a continuous access permission. I have tried to create a support ticket, but there is not a ticket category for this.

Unfortunately, this capability is limited to dev and staging environments due to legal/privacy concerns.

We have thought about extending this by building a flow where the partner can request the customer to share limited or temporary access to the data to aid in debugging but it has not been prioritised yet.

We are the customer and we confirm the request is urgently required as we set up a range of reminders that did not activate and were lost. We request that this ticket is actioned as soon as possible.

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Hello @michellesawyer ,

Please notice this is not a support ticket but a public thread on the developers community (an online forum) that everyone can access to. So definitely not the right place to share sensitive data and/or logs.

@denizoguz , As written by @reddy1 we don’t have access to the production data (for privacy reasons) but if you log a request with us we might be able to help you with the issue that has led you to ask this question anyway. I know there’s no category that fits this request in our service desk, but you can just log it using the “submit a bug” one. Also, please make sure to provide as many details as possible about the issue and add your customer to the requests participants, so they are in the loop.


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