Data residency in Singapore for Connect apps is now available

Hi developer community,

Following on from our earlier announcement, we are happy to share that Atlassian has now added support for Singapore as a new Data residency region for Connect app descriptors. SG has now been added to our data residency supported region keys.

From May 4th, a small percentage of customers will be able to select Singapore as their product region. This will progressively increase to 100% of customers having the option to select Singapore as their product region by the 31st May.

As a reminder , if you indicate support for a realm, it means your app stores the relevant, in-scope data only in that realm - any in-scope data that your app stores must be stored in that realm. You should not declare the regionBaseURL for Singapore unless you use storage infrastructure in Singapore to pin in-scope data for customers in this region. For more information, please refer to the Connect data residency documentation.

In addition to Singapore, Atlassian is exploring making additional data residency regions available in the future. These can be identified on the Atlassian Cloud Roadmap and we will provide similar updates/notice prior to these regions being available.


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