Data retention for custom fields in next-gen projects

Connect apps can declare custom fields in the descriptor and admins can add such fields to issue types as described here. I checked that after an app is uninstalled and then installed again content of custom fields is preserved.

Atlassian staff: could you please share for how long the data in custom fields in next-gen projects is stored after an app is uninstalled?

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Not Atlassian staff - but from what I understand, the data is there until the related object (project/issue etc) is removed.

You might also want to take a gander at When should I be deleting a tenant's data? .

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Hi @maciek,

Jira does not clean up data created by apps on the basis of the app being uninstalled. The post @daniel linked to provides a good summary of the current state.


Hello @danielwester @dmorrow, thanks for the answers. It’s good to know that app uninstallation doesn’t trigger data cleanup. It makes custom fields all the more useful as a storage.