Data storage on pass-through forge apps?

Here’s my scenario. US-based company with an office in a different country. They have sensitive information in a different application that they want to view in JSM issues. The JSM issues have been created by an integration and do not have the sensitive information. My idea is to build a forge app that will query the other application and pull in the sensitive data for VIEWING ONLY in the JSM issue. Customer is concerned about data being stored in a non-us data center. My questions:

  1. In a forge app that is just displaying data, I’m assuming none of that data is stored on the forge infrastructure, not even as cached data?
  2. If someone in a South American branch of a US company is working JSM issues, I’m assuming their JSM instance is probably not in the US, but what about any forge apps that they would be using? Are forge apps geographically stored like JSM Data is? (Is JSM data even geographically stored to the closest data center to the end-user)
  3. Does anyone really understand Atlassian’s geo-synching model and how it works with JSM and Forge apps?

Hey Eric,

The details about data residency and Forge are here. The page describes how Forge storage and compute works with customers who have pinned their products to particular regions (e.g. Brazil).

To answer your first question, if you called the other application from the front end of your Forge app then you could have a direct connection from the customer’s browser and the other application and it wouldn’t even pass through Atlassian infrastructure at all.

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@AdamMoore, the doc about forge data residency seems a bit unclear to me on whether or not you can pin your Forge app to a certain data location WITHOUT pinning your Jira Software, confluence, etc to the same geographical region. Is is possible to ONLY pin a forge app to a specific Geo? The issue is that this Forge app will pull sensitive data from a different application and display it for the user in a different country (Brazil). We don’t want to lose our JSM in that country, but the Forge app must be located in the US.

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No sorry, you can’t control which region your Forge app is pinned to. It will be pinned to the same region as the host product (e.g. Jira).

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