Date Time Zone difference during JIRA-Service Now integration using RESTAPI

Hi All,

We have recently integrated JIRA Server 7.3.7 with Service Now using REST API calls. We were able to POST and Pull data. There is a date field (the field is actually a script runner datetime field used to capture the date value from the Fix version field, truncating the timestamp ) . The field is pushed to Service now system as expected.

Our system time zone for JIRA is (GMT+1) Paris . Service Now system is ET Time Zone.

Our team in IST time zone sees a value on JIRA and Service Now application, however our team at US sees the day before. i.e Team in IST sees Dec 15 whereas the team at US sees it as Dec 14 in service now.

Service now gets the user’s time zone based on the site that user is operating from which comes from Workday/JML feed.

When ServiceNow retrieves EPIC date from JIRA what TZ gets attached to it from JIRA side & will that always be the same or will it vary based on any attribute like who created that record? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance