DC/JSM - Requesting component access to obtain Customer Permission settings

Adding this request here, as jira.atlassian.com is simply not the place to make API requests, its the long grass for user requests, not vendors and API requests. [JSDSERVER-11302] Expose currently internal components so apps can use them - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. was logged in APRIL, its the usual story for issues logged there.

Currently, the ability to detect how the JSM Customer Permissions are setup is only an internal component. I need to know this in order to behave accordingly. Hacky REST clients with localhost tokens have be tried and can work in dev but failed in DC proxy instances, so, we’re dead.

JSM has lots of ‘internal’ components, it seems to have been developed with a limited public API from the outset. What are the chances of some of these components being exposed, even readonly would help.


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