[DC / Server only] Mitigating potential I18n breakage in your plugins


This a heads up that you may find that your plugin internationalisation breaks in the Jira 9.0 and Bitbucket 8.0 EAPs.

The recommend way to fix this is to:

  1. Add a webresource dependency on the webresource manager’s I18n module (webresource key: com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-plugins-webresource-plugin:i18n) in addition to the format module (webresource key: com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-plugins-webresource-plugin:format) which should already be present. Reminder, you may need to do this both in the plugin descriptor (typically named atlassian-plugin.xml) and in the webpack config (if you use atlassian-webresource-webpack-plugin follow the steps around provided dependencies)

  2. Upgrade @atlassian/wrm-react-i18n (if you use it) to 2.0.1 or higher, and upgrade @atlassian/atlas-fe (if you use it) to 0.3.3 or higher.

This can potentially occur on any product where the web resource manager version is 5.3 or higher (can check which product versions that corresponds to here: atlassian / platform-module-usage / wiki / atlassian-plugins-webresource — Bitbucket) and the version of AMPS (maven plugins; amps-maven-plugin, jira-maven-plugin, confluence-maven-plugin, etc. and the Server SDK) used is 8.3.0 or higher.

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me.