Define formatter for Jira Excel export of Custom Fields

I have defined a Custom Field and added a formatter expressions like this

    - key: foo-bar
      name: Foo Bar
      type: object
        expression: "`${ =>', ')}`"

However this expression seems to be ignored for Excel export, whereas it is considered in Word.

Any ways to fix this? Is this a known issues?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @ppasler,

Right now the formatter is not used in CSV/Excel exports. This is a feature thanks to which if you ever wanted to import the exported values back into Jira, it would still work.

That said, we are considering different options of addressing this, as we realize in some use cases exporting with the formatter would be preferable. Unfortunately, I can’t share any details or dates at this point.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

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Thanks @kkercz for the explanation! I better understand the intention for not using the formatter in this case.

Can you think of any workaround to get a nicer export format for our custom field?

Not really, apart from using a string type custom field with human-readable values, which would deny you all benefits of the object type, so I imagine isn’t feasible.

Thanks again! Last question: is there a ticket to watch?

In fact, yes, we’ve already had this feature request: [FRGE-1127] - Ecosystem Jira


UPDATE: the issue is now resolved and can be set up in the manifest.yml