Delete database column and save the data first

Hi guys,

I have multiple columns on AO entity. And I want to join all the info into a new column and delete the old ones. This must be done with an Upgrade Task.
Basically, I need to remove and add columns at the same time.
With this example, I want to remove UPLOAD_FLAG and CONDITION_FLAG and put “TRUE,FALSE” into CONDITION.
Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!

Why do you need to remove the column?

My suggestion would be to create an upgrade task to set the condition column and then leave the old ones. Then in a couple of versions later - then introduce version that removes the columns (you would just remove the set/get) .

If you don’t go that route then you’ll have a very special version that your users will have to upgrade through (which from a support perspective - there will be more than likely be somebody that doesn’t).


Hi @danielwester

Thanks for your suggestion! I will take the first approach.
The columns will be removed only because they won’t be used anymore. And as you said, I will move the data to another column and in a later version delete those columns.

Thank you again.

Best Regards,
Filipe Ribeiro