Delivery of performance tests for an iframe?

Hi there!

We want to develop our plugin to be compatible with Jira Data Center.

Our plugin is injected into an iframe and we would like to know if we need to provide performance tests to get the compatibility agreement for Jira Data Center from the Atlassian teams?

I mean, is it necessary to produce performance tests for an iframe?

If so, can you give us some examples of performance tests, or at least more details on what we need to deliver?

Thanks in advance =)

You’ll be happy to hear that at AtlasCamp Atlassian announced the DC Atlassian Performance Toolkit. It has a step by step walkthrough and comes with a baseline test set.

Most likely, yes.

If you give more context on your apps functionality (where is it displayed, does it have a REST API, does it add custom fields, etc.) the community might also be able to help you with what custom tests to write. I also recommend reading this thread.

Hi Sven!

Thank you so much for this quick reply, I appreciate your help :smiley: :raised_hands:

I’ll ask my colleagues more details…

Not an atlassian. But if your iframe is hitting the DC instance - then yes. You need to exercise both the html load as well as any xhr/fetch of the instance itself. You don’t need to the performance of any external resources (even though that should be coming up in the architectural review).

Thank you so much guys!! :raised_hands:

So if my colleagues need more details, they will certainly join this thread.



Thank you guys for your quick replies :smiley:

Thank you Sven for the link to the performance toolkit, that will be really helpfull!

I’ll take a look on that, and I’ll dive into the code of our plugin. If I have more question after that, I’ll come back here :stuck_out_tongue:

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