Dependency error compiling AMPS

I’m trying to compile AMPS 8.10.x that I cloned from bitbucket and am getting the following dependency error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project amps-maven-plugin: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.atlassian.maven.plugins:amps-maven-plugin:maven-plugin:8.11.0-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: (absent): was not found in Index of maven-external/ during a previous attempt. This failure was cached in the local repository and resolution is not reattempted until the update interval of atlassian-public2 has elapsed or updates are forced

What do I need to add to my maven settings.xml file in order to compile the plugin suite?

Hi there! Could you please fetch latest master and try one more time?

It built fine this time but it creates a missing dependency. In jira-maven-plugin-8.11.1-SNAPSHOT.pom it has:

    <!-- Artifacts from atlassian-restricted are not available when maven-invoker-plugin
           runs Maven, so they need to be copied over. Jira uses jta:jta -->

That version isn’t in your repository. The only one there is 1.0.1b.



Reference the missing version as well

Hello, we fixed the restricted jta library from jira-maven-plugin, could you please fetch the last changes from the master branch and try again?

That resolves the dependency in AMPS. I am still running into issues compiling plugins after building AMPS because there are still unresolved jta dependencies in the artifacts in your maven repository.

For the plugin I am trying to compile these are in jira-project and entityengine-parent. I tried a version as recent as jira-project-8.22.6 and it still has version 1.0.1 in the .pom file. entityengine-parent (not sure what artifact needs entityengine) has the same. If I edit those poms in .m2/repository to point to 1.0.1b, my plugin compiles fine.

We replaced restricted jta to javax.transactions in entity-engine 3.0.9 and Jira 9.11-SNAPSHOT, so the previous versions still have restricted dependency, maybe we can backport changes, what version of Jira you planned to use?