Deploy Atlassian Addons to standalone Tomcat server?


Can anyone confirm if it is possible to deploy Atlassian addons to a single standalone Tomcat server rather than using the embedded Tomcat?

I have attempted this myself but when trying to access the atlassian-connect.json after a successful deployment I get an Apache 404 because I think the addon isn’t running correctly. When running this same addon with the embedded Tomcat it works successfully.

The reason I am asking this is because I noticed that the Atlassian applications cannot be deployed to a single standalone Tomcat, so I am wondering if this limitation also exists for addons?


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I’m not sure if I fully understand your question. Given that you are talking about atlassian-connect.json, it seems like you are discussing a Cloud add-on? As far as I know, the Atlassian cloud products are not available for download & installation? Or are you looking for deploying your own Connect add-on to a tomcat instance? For this you would not need the host application.

If you are looking for deploying Atlassian products to your own application container, you should be able to do this. You can download a WAR file for each of the products and deploy this in your own standalone Tomcat instance. After the application is started, you can install P2 add-ons (for Server products) using the UPM.

Perhaps you can elaborate on what you are trying to achieve?

Well I am discussing the server-side JAR application which hosts some of the core functionality of the add-on.

Currently I can execute the server side jar using java -jar which will start Springboot and in turn run an embedded version of Tomcat. But rather than having several embedded versions of Tomcat running on different ports for the different add-ons that I develop, I would like to deploy the add-ons to a single server-side Tomcat. To do this rather than running several JARs with tomcat embedded I would package them into WARs and deploy them to my standalone Tomcat.

It seems like the second part of your answer is what I was looking for, Specifically I should be able to package my add-ons as WAR files which I can deploy to a standalone Tomcat server.


Ah ok… so this is not about the Atlassian products, but it is about your custom Connect add-on, which was written in Java an which you would now want to deploy to a standalone Tomcat server. In that case, yes, you should build a WAR file for your add-on server-side code :smiley:

@remie sorry for the delay, I thought that was the case but when I try it it doesn’t seem to work :confused:

The JAR version (of the add-on) with the embedded Tomcat server works fine and other non Connect add-on WARs work fine on my Tomcat server.

Can I just ask, have you deployed to a standalone Tomcat server yourself? i.e. do you know for sure that it works?


@james.elder I actually use NodeJS for my connect add-ons, but I’ve had my fair share of experience deploying java web applications with Tomcat :slight_smile: I guess that if you want me to help you I need you to share the basics of your application. You are referring to an embedded tomcat instance. Does that mean you are using a skeleton application which already has this included? Or did you include it yourself? How did you start creating the add-on?