Deploying forge apps in different tenants

Typically, when I’m developing a forge app, I’m doing it in my companies cloud environment. When I want to deploy the app to a customer’s environment, I end up using the forge create command to create the app, then coping in my files from my own environments app into the customers app. Is there a way to ‘create’ an existing app in a different tenant (cloud) without having to manage multiple copies of the code for each customer?

Hi @EricKruegerStrataCom, it seems you’re seeking a method to share and install your app onto a different instance from where it’s being developed. Take a look at this resource detailing the process of distributing your app via an installation link:

Guide: Distributing your apps (

Additionally, you may find it beneficial to consider promoting your app to staging or production environments before installing it on another instance:

Guide: Promoting an app to staging or production (


Importantly, if you install the same app across two different cloud workspaces, and they use Atlassian hosted storage exclusively, then the data is never shared between those different installations. The only way to share data between those installations (intentionally or otherwise) is to use Remote Compute. So if you are looking to just have the app data separated but the app otherwise be the same; just use hosted storage and compute exclusively.

P.s. of you really want to create a brand new app from the same code (not that I think you should in this case) then just use forge register. The forge register command was designed to take an existing app that was not yet registered as your forge app and make it yours (like a tutorial app or a Connect app). Not really for this use case of duplicating your own app.

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Ah, forge register what I was looking for. Thanks!