Deprecated methods for issue navigator operations (bulk operation and custom operation)


you want to do a custom operation for the issues browser to work with the issues of a jql. I am contemplating two options:

  1. Bulk operation.
  2. Operation in the actions menu of the issue navigator.

I have doubts about how to recover the jql issues, since they are deprecated methods and will be eliminated.

In the case of bulk operation:

My application takes control from step 3 of the bulk operation, so it does not have access to the screens of the previous steps, and therefore I cannot store any type of information in the front.

Also, when the app is disabled or uninstalled, the bulk operation is not cleared.

Examining the code, the bulk operations of the apps are stored in a private attribute

private final Map<String, ProgressAwareBulkOperation> pluginProvidedBulkOperations = Maps.newLinkedHashMap();

of the DefaultBulkOperationManager class when the addProgressAwareBulkOperation() method is invoked.

this.bulkOperationManager.addProgressAwareBulkOperation(MyBulkOperation.NAME_KEY, MyBulkOperation.class);

In the case of the operation:
I can get the jql by extending the IssueActionSupport class, but the getCurrentJQL() and getSearchRequest() methods are also deprecated.

The button is a web-item in the descriptor, and only when clicked is my custom action executed.

What would be the correct way not to use deprecated methods?
Is there a way to unregister the bulk operation?


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