DEPRECATED-SUPERSEDED-JST-845037. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /gateway/api/watermelon

HelloWorld app successfully installed using JiraConnect procedure; log confirms. Executing the app obtains “Something’s gone wrong: Our team has been notified.” Chrome inspect yields a host of 404 errors rooted to … Most of these reference deprecated components and DevTools’ “failed to load source map”. The initial error is related to helloworld.html:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /gateway/api/waterme…a231-6bacc7d4a284:1
What is the …/gateway/api/watermelon/… and why are there deprecated code references? How can this be fixed so I can proceed to writing DML code?

I have the same errors when trying to open the HelloWorld-Example in Jira. Have you found the solution?
I used the following guides:

And both didn’t work for me…

Please see JST-845037 or note this: for the free ngrok account, they have added an interstitial page which requires manual click-through. ngrok people are helpful; request that they remove that page for you. They will want you to authenticate yourself, though.


Thank you for the response. They responded that I should upgrade to any of their paid subscription. What did you do that they removed the interstitial page for you? I just wanna to try it out without paying, since I don’t know yet if it will be used for our project…

Well, first I had helped them big time and for free so they felt obligated to return the service. In any case, they gave you the standard line. Just push a little, say “please” and they should then ask you to authenticate your email by sending a request message. They capture that and then remove the interstitial page for you.


Oh okey, I just got an answer and they only said “I apologize but the only way to remove this page is by purchasing a subscription. We cannot remove the page for a free account unfortunately.”…

You may purchase month-to-month for about $10/month. That was my fallback position, too.