Deprecation notice for @atlaskit/logo exports

@atlaskit/logo currently exports some outdated Atlassian logos, including some for products that have been renamed or no longer exist.

In the next major release we will be removing the following deprecated exports from the main entrypoint:

  • StrideIcon , StrideLogo , StrideWordmark
  • HipchatIcon , HipchatLogo , HipchatWordmark
  • JiraCoreIcon , JiraCoreLogo , JiraCoreWordmark (use JiraWorkManagement + Icon | Logo | Wordmark instead)
  • JiraServiceDeskIcon , JiraServiceDeskLogo , JiraServiceDeskWordmark (use JiraServiceManagement + Icon | Logo | Wordmark instead)
  • OpsGenieIcon , OpsGenieLogo , OpsGenieWordmark (use Opsgenie with a lowercase ‘g’ + Icon | Logo | Wordmark instead)

We will also be removing the following deprecated exports from the @atlaskit/logo/constants entrypoint:

  • Props (use LogoProps instead)
  • DefaultProps (use defaultLogoParams instead)


To help with this migration, we have provided a codemod that you can run to automatically update your imports (it will leave a comment if you are using a logo with no alternative).

Once you’ve upgraded @atlaskit/logo , use the Atlaskit codemod CLI. See documentation on DAC for general codemod guidance.

Without setting options in your terminal command, you can run the following and type to search for logo and select @atlaskit/logo: 13.6.0-rename-imports from the interactive CLI.

`npx @atlaskit/codemod-cli [TARGET_PATH]``

For a TypeScript codebase, a more detailed command might look something like this.

npx @atlaskit/codemod-cli --ignore-pattern node_modules --parser tsx --extensions js,jsx,ts,tsx ./packages

For a Flow codebase, you will want to use --parser babylon instead of --parser flow .

Design System ESLint Plugin

We’ve also updated @atlaskit/eslint-plugin-design-system to add new restrictions to these imports. We recommend installing this plugin and enabling the rules in your ESLint config. For now, documentation for the plugin resides on Bitbucket.


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