Deprecation of some Connect App install payload fields


The following fields in the Connect app install payload are deprecated and will be removed on, or after September, 2020

  • pluginsVersion
  • serverVersion

Please ensure that you do not expect these fields to be present in the payload. We have validated that the latest versions of our ACE and Springboot client frameworks do not depend on these fields.

If any of these fields are required for operation of your app, please let us know.

NB. The following field was originally listed for deprecation but is no longer being deprecated:

  • serviceEntitlementNumber

Are we still able to get the sen from the atlassian-connect end point?

Out of curiosity - why are they being removed?


I’m also interested to know why serviceEntitlementNumber is being removed. I don’t really care about the other two, but this is actually useful and removing this will only result in additional calls (and logic) to retrieve this information from the API.


Jumping on the interested to know why the serviceEntitlementNumber is being removed bandwagon.

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Thank you for the feedback. The reason for the deprecation was just to clean up fields from the install callback that we had to support, and possibly added no value for vendors. I’ve removed the SEN from the list.

I hope you guys that are using the SEN field from the installation payload are not blindly trusting it. Remember that the first installation payload is not authenticated. Depending on what your app does there’s a chance you should already have extra logic & API calls for license validation in place.

So I would actually consider the removal of that field a security improvement.

Thanks for announcing this so early! :slight_smile:

I’d rather solve the underlying problem of securing the payload. Also interested to hear why removing the SEN would be a security improvement!

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Not sure if it’s related to this, but I noticed this morning that in my atlassian-connect file,

"lifecycle": {
        "installed": "/installed"

now gets called as //installed and fails. Should we be changing /installed to installed in our atlassian-connect files?

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