Depreciation warning for ACE with postgres

When using atlassian-connect-express with postgres, the following depreciation warning appears at app startup:

DeprecationWarning: Implicit disabling of certificate verification is
deprecated and will be removed in pg 8. Specify `rejectUnauthorized:
true` to require a valid CA or `rejectUnauthorized: false` to
explicitly opt out of MITM protection.

This is a known problem with node-pg:

The problem with ACE is that we can’t (or at least I don’t know how) set the configuration for the pg connection. In ACE the connection is configured in config.json, and adding the TLS config there has no effect as the additional configuration parameters are not read by ACE.

My impression is that it’s somewhat urgent to fix this.

This is also related to Force ssl database connection with ACE and

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Tagging @nmansilla : What is the best way to report this / get a response or confirmation? I haven’t opened a ticket yet.