Details on framework used by Jira


Does Jira uses AngularJS/React framework?. Or Can you tell me what JavaSript framework Jira uses and how to find it?
Let me explain reason for my question. Currently we are using Dynatrace to monitor Jra performance where I see that it shows Jira uses React, AngularJS, jQuery. Now we are planning to move to use Elastic APM to monitor Jira and we want to understand the framework used by Jira.


Some I know of are

  • jQuery (AJS.$, you should not rely on blank $ )
  • moment
  • react, react-dom (starting with 8.3 it’s bundled and can be used by a plugin)
  • more that I don’t remember

plugins may add many more


Adding to the existing answer, Jira Enterprise Data Center also heavily uses:

  • Backbone.js
  • Marionette.js

Most of the new UI is built with React.

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