Detect when app is uninstalled or disabled

Hi there,

I am working on an app that uses a cluster task. When the app is disabled or uninstalled, I want to unschedule the cluster task (because it survives the app being uninstalled).

What I tried is the following:

  • Listening for the PluginDisablingEvent: This does not seem to be sent anymore
  • Implementing LifecycleAware and using the onStop() method, also does not seem to work anymore
  • Implement DisposableBean: While I can detect if the app is stopped, I do not know if that is because the app is uninstalled or the node goes down. Thus, if a node goes down (unless it is the last node), this does not help.

How should I unschedule a cluster task in the best way?

best regards,

Since UPM no longer emits an event that would allow an app to do something before being uninstalled, dev help created a feature request. It would be cool if everyone could vote for the issue.